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Company Development
In 2017, We are looking to the future, XinYu is committed to continuous technological innovation, with the latest technology, the latest product returns for each customer.
In 2016,the company invented the first inline printing machine ,and sold to HeBei Province,every mins can finish 200 piece boxes.
In 2015 the company developed the first vacuum adsorption flexo printing machine. Bellows transmission, change the original rubber roll transmission,reduce the damage on the paperboard.
In 2014 the company developed the first high-definition flexo carton printing machine, ceramic roller and doctor blade combination, so that printing performance up to ultra-high-definition printing, offset printing as an alternative.
In 2013 printing machine and waste stacker machine combination, greatly save the cost of artificial operation, to adapt to the domestic high-speed development of the packaging market
In 2010 the company developed the first high-speed printing die cutting machine, 180 times per minute printing die-cutting boxes.
In 2008 the company developed the first medium-speed flexo printing machine, compared with the chain type models, with great progress and during the Shanghai Sino exhibition sold to Germany.
In 2007,XINYU CARTON MACHINERY CO.,LTD invented the first set of lead edge flexo printing machine
In 2005 the company based on the original die-cutting, invented die-cutting slotting machine, a dual-use, cost savings, and access to national patent certificate
In 2003 the company independently developed the first chain feeding flexo printing machine , Won the market praise.
In 2000, Xinyu Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. was put into operation, opened a chapter of Xinyu business,at the first two years, focusing on the manufacture of corrugated board machine and related machines.
XinYu founder Mr. Zhao Canguo in the 90's into the corrugated box packaging manufacturing industry, in 1999 began to build, registered Dongguang Xinyu carton Machinery Co., Ltd..
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